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Sports Therapy treatment based on 

preventing and rehabilitating injuries

For all sporting, functional or occupational ability,
regardless of ability and age.
Rachel Mealyer, Sports Therapist
qualified at the University of Chichester.

Rachel has experience working as a school nurse, with professional Premiership Football Clubs, professional rugby teams, international and national ice skaters, trampoliners, gymnasts, and the general public.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is a part of healthcare that is specific to preventing injury and the rehabilitation of a patient back to health.

How is it different to Physiotherapy?

In private practice, there is very little difference between the two professions.

We will assess the area of symptoms, the joints surrounding the area, the nerves, the ligaments, cartilage and all muscles; this is to ensure a comprehensive diagnosis can be given. Treatment can involve a range of things from mobilisations, sports massage, strengthening exercises, nerve techniques and more. This of course will be specific to you.

Personal Training

I offer personal training sessions for clients as well as my main sports therapy services.

For more infomation feel free to contact me to see how I can help.


"When helping me recover from a tendon injury, Rachel went above and beyond her professional duties. Not only did she take great care in both treating the symptoms and figuring out the underlying cause (in my case, improper exercise technique), she has also been making sure that my form is now correct and safe by evaluating lifting videos that I have sent her."

Mr. Gorelli

Treated for elbow pain

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