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Treatment is for everyone

 For those who are not sporty, do not fret; Rachel has patients ranging from pre-school age to octogenarians, with aims ranging from elite sport, to making a tea without holding on the side, to working at a desk without pain.


A large majority of Rachel's degree was aimed at rehabilitating elite sportsmen/women to ensure they recover from injury as quick as possible, but also preventing injuries in the first place. She has experience treating in almost all sports and activities so do not hesitate to contact us.


We treat children (with parents/guardian consent and presence). Symptoms in children need to be treated early to avoid life-long nagging symptoms and to avoid surgeries later on in life. Life spans for the next generation will be +100 years so we need to ensure they are mobile and fit from the off!


Do not worry if you simply want to be able to get up the stairs pain free. Should your parents need help do contact us. It’s important with life expectancy increasing people stay independent and carer-free for as long as possible.

Post Surgery

Surgery happens to anyone; and therefore rehabilitation needs to occur post any surgery. Nothing will surprise me!


Treatment is not limited to those who play sport. We regularly treat all individuals with a range of symptoms including those caused by occupation. Symptoms range from sore neck and shoulders due to desk bound jobs, to knee pain as a gardener.


Rachel is qualified in Women’s Health, treatment is available pre and post pregnancy, mother’s MOTs, incontinence issues and sexual dysfunction. Nothing will surprise us and this is applicable to all females of all ages! Do not suffer because it is a ‘taboo’ subject. It is simple anatomy.

How long until I'm better?

How long is a piece of string? This will be different for everyone; however we will of course give you an idea of a treatment plan.

For more information please look on our Facebook page ‘Rachel Mealyer Sports Therapy’. This is regularly updated with advice, tips, rehab programmes and more!
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"When helping me recover from a tendon injury, Rachel went above and beyond her professional duties. Not only did she take great care in both treating the symptoms and figuring out the underlying cause (in my case, improper exercise technique), she has also been making sure that my form is now correct and safe by evaluating lifting videos that I have sent her."

Mr. Gorelli

Treated for elbow pain

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