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At Your Home

 Most of our patients are treated at their homes. We have treated people in front rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, anywhere a therapy bed fits (it’s about the length of an average person).

At home appointment costs

1hr: £77
45 mins appt: £60



1hr: £84
45mins: £67

If your postcode is not above then please message me and I'll quote based on the distance of travel. 

At The Clinic
Reading Rugby Club; Holme Park, Sonning Lane, Reading RG4 6ST.

Clinic Costs - 

1hr Appt: £65

45mins Appt: £52.50

30 mins Appt: £40

We offer a 10% discount should you refer us to someone and they book in!
Sports Therapist Berkshire
Sports Therapist Berkshire
At Work

 We also treat patients at work; again this can be anywhere but normally involves being treated in a meeting room or similar.

We are happy to treat anywhere as long as you are!

 We offer a 20% discount  if you incorporate us into your company or department. This could be on a one off or regular basis to either treat or massage multiple employees/colleagues while at work. We currently do this in a few companies, mainly with a set up in a private meeting room.

 This may also benefit you as some companies will then pay us 

for your treatment opposed to you. This comes under their employee wellbeing aspect; could enable you free treatment

and us a busy diary! Winners all round...

Sports Therapist Berkshire
Sports Therapist Berkshire

"When helping me recover from a tendon injury, Rachel went above and beyond her professional duties. Not only did she take great care in both treating the symptoms and figuring out the underlying cause (in my case, improper exercise technique), she has also been making sure that my form is now correct and safe by evaluating lifting videos that I have sent her."

Mr. Gorelli

Treated for elbow pain

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